Going through another health anxiety patch and need some perspective. I always find it helps me to write it down on here. A couple of months ago I started getting weird tingling tickley feeling On front of left thought when I was going to sleep, didnít think too much of it at the time, as was having some pelvic pain and going through ultrasound and colonoscopy for that, so thought I was just being hypersensitive. Then after those things were sorted, about a month ago I noticed I was having pins and needles in my left calf, particularly when sitting down or laying in bed. Went to doctor and she said to go to Physio and if didnít have any improvement, gave me referral for lumbar spine MRI. Had MRI on Friday and I get results tomorrow. But also on top of this, for the last couple of weeks Iíve been having terrible sleep, waking every hour, which hasnít helped. On weekend I woke with numb left side of face and since then have tingly feeling on and off in tongue. Now I donít know if Iím imagining these other things, if they are anxiety or what. But Iím petrified that Iíve got something neurological wrong with me (and not just the suspected trapped nerve in low back). Dr may refer me on for brain MRI and then Iíll be petrified while I wait for results again. I wonder if itís possible that face tingling can be caused by anxiety?