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Thread: Therapy not doing enough?

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    Therapy not doing enough?

    At what point do you know if you need to seek help from a psychiatrist or general doctor in addition to/instead of a counselor? I have been talking to a therapist for about 6 months. I do like her but I'm starting to think I need some more advanced, targeted method for anxiety (and health anxiety). I do what she says, set up goals, practice mindfulness, etc. but I still find anxiety physically overpowering sometimes. I'll be sitting relaxing and get a rush of fear for no reason. I have insomnia, and digestive issues, that are probably because of anxiety. I have constant obsessive thoughts about my health.
    I might ask her if we can try a different approach but I'm not sure how to have that conversation either, it's a bit awkward for me to disagree with her.

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    Re: Therapy not doing enough?

    I had CBT where we got stuck into why I had health anxiety and also techniques to use - like taking my thoughts to 'court'. Very useful. A game changer for me, actually. It helped me to face the fears, not side-step them. Absolutely speak to your therapist about a different approach but it really needs to be one where you face your fears..
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    Re: Therapy not doing enough?

    Yes, that makes sense. I’ll suggest that to my therapist. I can’t set goals and enhance my life if I haven’t faced my fears yet!

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