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Thread: Effexor is demon drug

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    Demon drug Effexor recommendations

    Just stRted Effexor for 3rd time. As before, not my choice. It would be my last choice. Only take if nowt else is working for yous.

    Sure, its an effective drug when up and goin but gettin there is the problem. Startup side effects is torture. No severe depressed folk should have to put up wuth this shit. Coming off aint easy but cross that bridge when yous get there

    If you have to take this poison I got 3 recommendations

    1. start on 37.5mg not 75mg
    2. If anxiety get unbearable dont hesitate to take a benzo
    3. Dont google this shit the list of side effect's is huge. Any odd things yous get after starting is lukely to be side effect

    The side effects go away after a few days so it aint for ever but their almost worser than what the drug is treatin.

    Im sure a lot of folk here know what Im on about.

    If I had choice Id go baxk on Cymbalta or Milnacipran both SNRI without the demon sude effects

    Hope this helps wudnt be any point in postin otherwYs
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    Re: Effexor is demon drug

    Yes, I had the same problems with Effexor. A friend of mine recommended me to try cbd oil. I hesitated at the beginning, but after I've done small research I decided to give it a try. And it helped me! If anyone interested, here are some links where you can read about cbd oil and how it can help:

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