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Thread: Blurred vision

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    Blurred vision

    Hiii Folks, just wondering if anyone has experienced and can advise me,

    I have been suffering from panic attacked and anxiety for a few years and started taking Propranolol for a while, it has helped with the panic attacks and the anxiety I have managed to cope with, for the last few day iv been getting slight panic attacks but also been getting blurred vision which has be terrifying but not resulted in a full on panic attack, would appreciate any advice.

    Kind regards

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    Re: Blurred vision

    Hi Bobby
    i often get blurred vision. At first it would spark a full panic attack. Now I have had a full eye test including having the drops put in so they could see more and my eyes are fine. Now I think is just a symptom of anxiety. I also take propanol so maybe it’s a side effect of that.

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