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Thread: Horrible thoughts stemming from a bug bite

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    Horrible thoughts stemming from a bug bite

    7 or 8 days ago, I noticed above my right hip what seemed like pimple - a red bump. I especially paid attention to it because a day earlier an ortho doctor diagnosed my with hip bursitis, since I had pain and discomfort in that area, although it more felt like a muscle strain or something like that. Anyway, since the bump was not a pimple, a started looking and obsessing about it, and in a day or two, it looked little inflamed, and more visible, and i noticed two tiny bumps in it. I went to the doctor (GP), and after explaining to him, he said that it looked like a bug bite, and the fact that it is above the that problematic hip was just a coincidence. But the thing never went away. It became little bigger but sort of pale around, and I was trying to figure out what it can be. Could not take it anymore and yesterday I went to my dermatologist, who is excellent expert. I asked him even if it may be a mild shingles, but he said NO, and confirmed a GP diagnosis : a bug bite, probably spider. He gave me prescription corticosteroid cream to put two or three times a day.

    It seems like it is calming down, and at the same time, the pain around my hip and waist is less as well. But, still there. I could not find around the internet anything that says that a spider bite may last longer than week. Now , since , of course, I have horrible OCD and anxiety, my mind is going beyond any imagination: what if someone poked me with a dirty needle , and I did not notice, and maybe infected me with something, like HIV. I know that this is truly wild, but , as all of you know, OCD attacks you even worse the more you try to rationalize a situation

    Please help with some comforting words, if at all possible. I do not know what to do.

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    Re: Horrible thoughts stemming from a bug bite

    I just wanted to ask you guys, if my post is so ridiculous that nobody even bothered to give me few words? I apologize if that is the case. I have had really hard year, I was taking care of my terminally ill mother who passed away in pain, while I was with her ( on June 30th). Now all kinds of scary thoughts are haunting me every day, and I am not able to get rid of them. I particularly always worry about HIV although I had many tests, and I have not been sexually active for years now. But it is always fear about somehow being infected, or maybe all these tests were somehow wrong, and although I am trying hard to be rational, the fear has been enveloping me for a month now. Sorry if I am too much.

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    Re: Horrible thoughts stemming from a bug bite

    Youíre not too much, sometimes posts do get missed here.

    Did the bump heal up okay in the end? Iíve had spider bites last more than a week.
    As for the intrusive thoughts of HIV itís not at all possible, no one would look to infect someone like that, you would feel and notice something like that happening, also youíve been tested.
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    Re: Horrible thoughts stemming from a bug bite

    Please donít be sorry, things get missed or maybe someone doesnít know how to answer so they donít.

    I hope youíre ok now? Bites can take a while to heal, my doctor prescribes a 1% steroid cream too.

    Take care.

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    Re: Horrible thoughts stemming from a bug bite

    Midnight Mouse & Scass,

    Thank you so much! Yes, the stupid bite is healing, and my dermatologist also said 95 % that it was spider. I keep on putting cream.

    The rest is just my anxiety and OCD, that got much worse in the last month. I believe it all has to do with my horrible last 6 months that ended with my Mom's death. Thank you again, both.

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