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Thread: Post Nasal drip symptoms.

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    Post Nasal drip symptoms.

    Hi everyone. So my Dr thinks I have post nasal drip, and alot of my symptoms do make sense. Runny nose, tickly/sore throat, constant need to clear my throat, tickly cough, hoarse voice. A minute ago though I noticed my chest was a bit rattly, and i coughed up (sorry tmi) some thick white phlegm with hints of yellow. It was similar to what comes out my nose when it's really runny. I was just wondering whether post nasal drip can travel so far down that it can go onto your chest? I know it definitely causes mucus build up in the throat, but I don't know about the chest?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Post Nasal drip symptoms.

    Yes, I get post-nasal drip all the time due to allergies, and it does go down your esophagus that's in your chest area, especially when you lie down. So then when it drips down there, it can congeal as you're lying down, and you cough it up with those little chunks in it.
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    Re: Post Nasal drip symptoms.

    Do you sometimes have a snort in your voice? As in, do you sometimes snort when talking? Iíve been getting this and I really hope itís due to post nasal drip and not anything serious

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    Re: Post Nasal drip symptoms.

    Hello, oh yes it definitely goes into your chest. I used to get it so bad that I would hear rattling in my lungs when I would breath laying down. I havenít had that in a while but my doctor gave me an inhaler for it.

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    Re: Post Nasal drip symptoms.

    Thanks Jen. I actually meant a nasal snort, not chest rattle This has been happening to me and it freaks me out. While talking I will snort with certain letters

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