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Thread: Wisdom Teeth Surgery tomorrow

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    Wisdom Teeth Surgery tomorrow

    Im getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed tomorrow and im really nervous about it the to 2 tops are partially bony impacted and the 2 bottoms are complete bony impacted. im only getting local{Just numbing no gas or sedation} i feel more comfortable with just local even tho im still nervous about it. On top of this with covid running around which is only further making it worse. ofc ill wear a mask where possible. The guy doing it has been doing it for a very long time so that helps a little bit. for any fellow people that got there wisdom teeth removed under local what its like? The numbing shots and the anticipation are getting to me the most.

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    Re: Wisdom Teeth Surgery tomorrow

    Good luck.... I am sure it will all go fine for you use it as an excuse to eat jelly and icecream for a few days
    Emmz xx

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    Re: Wisdom Teeth Surgery tomorrow

    Guess all went well

    Positive thoughts
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