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Thread: Terrified of poisoning from antiseptic wipes- Help?

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    Terrified of poisoning from antiseptic wipes- Help?

    Hi all,

    I hope you are well. I am having a bad night because of the situation detailed below. If anyone has any words of wisdom, I would appreciate them!

    Yesterday, I brought home some groceries. Since the pandemic began, I've been wiping the packaging of my groceries down with benzalkonium chloride antiseptic wipes. As I was wiping down a package of blackberries, I realized there were sizable vents in the packaging and I had accidentally wiped down some of the blackberries directly. I put the berries in the fridge, thinking I would figure out what to do later. Today, I forgot about the situation entirely and just ate a bunch of the berries. Only upon finding a fiber from one of the wipes IN MY MOUTH did I remember what had happened.
    Now I am terrified that I have benzalkonium chloride poisoning. I've freaked myself out because I looked it up online and a bunch of people have died from ingesting concentrated benzalkonium chloride, though most people who have gotten hurt have ingested 1/2 cup of it or more. I am nonetheless VERY worried.

    Words of comfort or wisdom?

    Thanks, guys. <3

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    Re: Terrified of poisoning from antiseptic wipes- Help?

    Nothing can and will happen. Nothing.
    But what i would suggest, that has nothing to do with the wipes, is: wash the berries before eating them. These little guys need to be washed before eating.

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    Re: Terrified of poisoning from antiseptic wipes- Help?

    Quote Originally Posted by Roosterruby View Post

    Words of wisdom?

    Stop researching nonsense on the internet.

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