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Thread: Help give me suggestions !!!

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    Help give me suggestions !!!

    Hi all just need some help... basically few week ago I was doing my monthly breast check and I thought I felt a raised area under my left breast , instant panic got my husband to feel it who said it actually felt like my rib cage. I spoke to my gp who give me an appointment to go and see her in a weeks time and that from what I was describing it probably was not anything sinister. Since October last year Iíve been on AD for my HA and they have helped me so much I am not obsessed with the thoughts and they donít take over my life. I waited for a week went to the doc told her I could only feel it when lying down so she she said ok you show me lying down. So I tried finding it I couldnít but I remember the area I felt it was raised so I showed her the raised area. She then felt it and she felt my other breast and she said I was feeling my rib cage and said I have the same thing on the other side but it was much lower. I came out of the surgery all happy and that Iím all healthy. However later on the thoughts started coming did I show her correct area did she miss it etc and I get this urge to keep checking, Iíve tried to break the cycle but I just cant, any helpful hints will be most welcomed I canít keep going doctors to check sheís told me itís my rib and I guess sheís a gp she would have felt the area and not what Iíve just told her ... so I know all this but my brain doesn't want to believe it and think Iím leaving it too late and might have BC.

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    Re: Help give me suggestions !!!

    Dear Sunshinegirl82 - it is not BC. If your doctor examined your breasts clinically ( I think that is the official name of that exam with hands), and she told you it is your ribs - then it is your ribs. I could write a 1000 page novel about how many times I came out of the doctor's office happy - and moments later my mind decided : But what if the doctor did not really examined it well? What if you did not really explain how it hurts, or where exactly you feel that? Or - oh , my HIV test is negative, hooray - and then 5 minutes later: But why did I not look when the nurse was opening the syringe, now I do not know if she used new one on me?.. The list goes on and on... Also, if you keep on touching it and looking for it, you will never be sure. That is what I was doing several months ago - the only reason I stopped is because something else started bothering me. I know exactly how you feel : we feel our rib cage but we have NO IDEA whether that actually is rib cage or a lump; but rest assured that if your doctor said so, then that is what it is - just ribs. They do not let people go if they have any suspicion. Try to repeat to yourself over and over again: the doctor who knows how to look for these things checked me, and told me there is no lump. I always hope if I keep repeating the mantra, eventually I win over the crazy mind.

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    Re: Help give me suggestions !!!

    Thank you Lana for you reply, much appreciated just finished my period so thought would do a monthly check and have got my self in more of a panic now as Iím now thinking was this area always lumpy or is it new etc canít cope luckily the medication is stopping me
    Over reacting only thing now to do is break this cycle of checking as Iíve completely lost the baseline I had to check my breast everything Iím feeling is a lump now And thinking is this new and think Either Iíve missed something or not checked properly which leaves me wanting to keep checking 🙄 anyway managed to book and appointment with my GP next week best to nip this in the bud before it escalates further.

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