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Thread: Feel ill for months.

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    Re: Feel ill for months.

    If that's the case you need urgent psychiatric help. You don't deserve to feel this bad, but cancer plainly isn't the cause.

    Be good to yourself, and tackle the root cause. You wouldn't be posting on an anxiety forum if at least some part of you didn't know your worries were groundless.
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    Re: Feel ill for months.

    I had an initial counselling phone call yesterday. I went to drs a couple of weeks ago with rib and back pain. I have a small moveable lump on my collarbone and the dr didnt seem concerned. I told her I feared cancer and she said why do you think that you havent.The lump hasnt gone but hasnt grew. I'm so scared because of how I feel that its cancer. I'm absolutely shattered 24/7 , right side back/rib pain etc. I'm just so scared.

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    Re: Feel ill for months.

    For what it's worth, every now and again I go through a few months of pain around my back and ribs, including cramps that leave me doubled up. Granted, I have a phobia that keeps me from the doctor outside of emergencies, but it generally goes away within a couple of months (seldom less than that)

    Cancer is generally all over the popular media, but it isn't necessarily as common as us HA people think it is. Really hope the counseling works for you, and that you get to feel better.

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    Re: Feel ill for months.

    Quote Originally Posted by zippy View Post
    I cant stop checking this squidgy lump. Now I'm checking my neck and think I can feel lumps in there too. Been ill for 14 months thinking I have cancer. I've got no energy at all and cry everyday. I just cant go on anymore. Even though I fear death I sometimes wish I would die in my sleep.
    It's exhausting Zippy isn't it? I genuinely understand how you feel because I've been there.

    With severe HA, it is very common to mistake what's normal in the body for something that 'feels' or 'looks' wrong to us. It's because our bodies are so sensitised that the sodding alarms keep going off. You know like car alarms which are too sensitive? You only have to fart near one and it's going off! In our case. it's the stress response which is continually activated which causes more symptoms and keeps us in this cycle of fear and despair.

    You have no energy because you are in fight or flight mode all the time - and that burns fuel.

    I don't think you have cancer, but do you need help with what is wrong with you - which is mental illness.

    You can, and will go on. You want to live because most people with HA do or it wouldn't matter what was wrong with them, would it?

    You're just exhausted from living as you are, but, as I found out, there is a way out if you are prepared to put the effort in.
    I'm not afraid of death because I don't believe in it. It's just getting out of one car, and into another. ~ John Lennon

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