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Thread: Breast pain

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    Breast pain

    Does anyone get or know how normal it is for breasts to hurt randomly.

    By that I mean day to day they feel totally fine and walking, sleeping on my front, generally daily is fine but If I press down on my breasts one side in particular even though I can get it on both sides, I get a sharp pain. Do feel this pain i would say i need to feel quite hard, if my child knocks me or leaned on my breast I get the sharp pain.

    There is no specific lump, but I do have very lumpy breasts.

    I have a tendency to feel them and the time for changes, and if I wasnt pushing and feeling I wouldnt notice this sharp pain but when I do feel around it's like a jab and then goes away. It alsocdoesnt happen every single time.

    Can anyone offer some helpful advice or reassurance?

    Iv had loads of breast issues before

    Thanks so much in advance 😊

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    Re: Breast pain


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    Re: Breast pain

    Anyone help? I'm really panicking and cant get to my GP

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    Re: Breast pain

    It sounds as though you may be pressing too hard?
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    Re: Breast pain

    I have had this type of pain many times. I have been to the breast clinic three times over the last ten years and they say I am fine.
    I contacted my G P a couple of months ago about this and she referred me for a mammogram without seeing me -which was clear. The breast clinic told me breast pain is so common and many women suffer from it. If you are really worried call the GP but it does sound very similar to what I have. Good luck

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    Re: Breast pain

    Thank you so much for replying 😊

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