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Thread: Extreme fatigue and lower tummy and back pain. Help :(

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    Extreme fatigue and lower tummy and back pain. Help :(

    Iím used to period-like pain as I have huge fibroids and arthritis on my hips, but last period came with horrible smell (antibiotics taken) and awful pain, but the worst part is period is over, pain still there and Iím extremely tired to the point I canít stand up. Iíve been talking to my online gp (Itís a private service) which says I need bloods done but I canít get an appointment even for blood as they are overwhelmed in my area. Iím in a&e now where they told me off for coming but I feel so unwell and Iím so scared I donít know what to do. Waiting to be seen, Iím panicking I have something really bad, I just need some support x

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    Re: Extreme fatigue and lower tummy and back pain. Help :(

    Just wanted to say I hope youíre ok and that you feel youíre getting the care/tests you need now. Let us know how you are doing x

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