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Thread: Smear test fear

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    Smear test fear

    Hi everyone, I hope someone has some words of advice. I recently turned 25, which is when smear testing starts here. Iíve dreaded having the test since my health anxiety started four years ago, and when I opened the letter this morning I almost couldnít breathe, my arms went numb, and I actually began crying. Iíve never used tampons, and sex has always been painful. Iíve only ever had two pelvic exams, both of which were a disaster. I have absolutely no idea whatsoever how Iím going to have a smear done. Never mind the (incredibly invasive) procedure itself, but the waiting for results afterwards feels worse. This year has been the first time in years that Iíve had a long break from my health anxiety, and Iím scared that all of my progress will be ruined. I got the HPV vaccine while in school, and never feared cervical cancer until I heard of women who STILL got the strain of cancer the vaccine prevented 😳 Iíve tried talking about it to friends, but theyíre all very blasť about it so they donít get my fear, hence why Iím turning to this forum for any words of advice/encouragement, and hopefully some success stories🤞

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    Re: Smear test fear

    Anyone female who's had sex should get a smear test and HPV test, just get it done it's essential for your sexual health (and piece of mind). Also if anything is found it will be early, get it done.
    If you are one of the lucky souls allowed to enter NZ at this time please remember two things:

    1. We did the hard months in lockdown abiding by rules for you to get here.
    2. No one gives a shit if you prefer white towels or hotels with sea views.
    You're in quarantine for fourteen days ...obey the rules.

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    Re: Smear test fear

    Oh yeah, thereís no question of me getting it done. As much as Iíve feared it for so long, I know itís totally risky to not go. Iím more so asking here if thereís any way of making it less traumatic.

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    Re: Smear test fear

    Quote Originally Posted by Jinja View Post
    Oh yeah, there’s no question of me getting it done. As much as I’ve feared it for so long, I know it’s totally risky to not go. I’m more so asking here if there’s any way of making it less traumatic.

    Hi Jinja, know where you’re coming from with this. I had mine cancelled four times due to covid which when you’ve worked yourself up each time for getting it done was an absolute pain. Anyway finally got a definite date & was dreading it but knew it had to be done as it was way overdue. I explained to the nurse that previously i had found it very painful & she said she would use the smallest speculum & that there are six different sizes & its not one size fits all (who knew) anyway she did it & i barely felt a thing. Two weeks of waiting for a letter everyday was dreading it worked myself up about the HPV thing as there was no such vaccination when i was at school, letter came everything clear what a relief i nearly collapsed.
    Do get it done & do ask for the smallest speculum. Good luck.

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    Re: Smear test fear

    Thanks so much for your advice, Iíve booked it now for two weeks time, which will be a long wait (plus an even longer wait for results). Hoping it goes better than my previous pelvic exams did 😰

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    Re: Smear test fear


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    It is nothing personal it is just to make it easier for people to follow your story and to give you advice as a whole.

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    Re: Smear test fear

    I just had my smear test done and l don't like it, but its over and with quickly, l got myself into a state overthinking as l have a scare few years back, but l got treated quickly and it wasn't as bad as l thought l got the all clear, so l had to then have yearly smears so they put me back to 3 yearly ones and got my results back all clear, the relief is great definitely advise you get it you be fine xx

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