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Thread: Palpitations severe even on propranolol

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    Palpitations severe even on propranolol


    I have had really bad palps for the last 3 days. I have been on propranolol for 3 years now and thought you didnít get palpitations whilst in them? Now worrying about it.

    Iv tried everything to get rid of these bloody palpitations even stimulating the vagus nerve to no avail.

    Iím very aware Iím now at my heaviest weight ever and now Iím worrying itís heart related. Iím 5í2 and weight 138 kg 😭

    (I have an binge eating disorder so please donít judge to harshly about the weight side of things although I know I have to lose the weight) 😉

    Many thanks in advance for any replies

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    Re: Palpitations severe even on propranolol

    Propranolol is a beta blocker. I take one for my heart issues. Beta blockers are designed to basically put a ceiling on how hard your heart works. Palps are another thing really. Stress is a major cause and physical condition can contribute as well. I get them occasionally and I'm within normal ranges for my height and weight. That said, I'm not in the greatest of shape and exercise occasionally cause them for me. My doc said they're normal and not to worry and I have heart disease so

    I think as you hopefully recover and tackle the physical challenges, the physical ramifications will abate.

    Positive thoughts
    "Eat. Drink. Enjoy the work you do. Be thankful for the blessings God gives you in this life. Live, love and seek out the things that bring your heart joy. The rest is meaningless... Like chasing the wind." King Solomon

    The best help is the help you give yourself!

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    Re: Palpitations severe even on propranolol

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me I really appreciate it.

    Take care

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    Re: Palpitations severe even on propranolol

    I can get runs of them for a week to 10 days, sometimes they are all day and sometimes they happen at certain times like clock work. I too take Propranolol as and when but I find that they don't stop the palps completely but they do make them feel less intense.

    Stress is deffo a major trigger, have you ever thought to ask about a 24hr tape to monitor them?

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