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Thread: Worried about pain in sternum area thatís wraps around to my back

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    Worried about pain in sternum area thatís wraps around to my back

    Hi everyone,

    I have this sternum pain but mostly when I press in the area between my breasts and right above my stomach. I feel the pain sometimes wrapping around my back too. Iím always worried about heart or lung related things so this scares me. Itís been happening for almost two days now.

    Im currently on amoxicillin for a wisdom tooth gum infection and I started taking those on Thursday. Iím scared that itís related to the antibiotics and that the more I take it the more this will become worse. The pain is sometimes noticeable when Iím not doing anything, but mostly hurts and is tender when I press on the area.

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    Re: Worried about pain in sternum area thatís wraps around to my back

    I do not believe it is in any way connected to the antibiotics. It sounds to me like almost some muscle pain, or something which will be there for a few days or even more, but was caused but bad move of your body. It happens to me , and there was a period last year where something very similar happened almost once a week : discomfort on one spot would stop, and then few days later it would come up somewhere else. I eventually talked to my GP, and he said that if a person is stressed or anxious, even without realizing it, muscles twists and hurt without any obvious reason. I remember he told me to bend my body when I feel it, hold on with both hands to a door handle, and try to stretch as much as possible. Mind you, I did not feel it as a muscle thing at all, but yet, that is what it was. Never forget that there is almost NO pain our anxious mind is not able to produce, and yet it is really nothing.

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