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Thread: Bleeding when I wipe for months

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    Bleeding when I wipe for months

    Okay, so this is obviously tmi (though I guess that's the nature of this section of the forum), but I've been seeing blood on the tissue when I wipe. I usually just chalk it up to anal fissures and forget about it, but lately, I've just been feeling like it's something worse. The blood is bright red, and sometimes I'll have a bit of anal itchiness/pain, but not all of the time, which freaks me out in its own right. Like, wouldn't it hurt if it was a fissure? I don't know.

    I'm only 26, which is why I wasn't originally worried, but it's been ongoing since the start of the year. With covid and everything else, I put it off because I didn't want to go out, and now I'm worried that maybe I put this off for too long and ruined any chance of catching something early. Ugh. I've had one of those stool tests done in the past, as well as numerous scans and blood tests throughout the years, and everything always comes back normal, so I'm not sure *why* exactly this hit me hard all of a sudden. You'll read an article online that goes, "I bled once and now I have Stage 4 Cancer" or something and freak out. At any rate, I do plan on going to my GI doctor, probably as soon as this coming week, so I'm not necessarily looking for advice, per se. I guess I just needed to vent a bit, because I'm just frustrated with myself for falling into this colon cancer spiral again, and also for putting off seeing the doctor.

    Anyway, if anyone has anything to say that could possibly calm my nerves a bit, or any sort of similar experience to share, I'd appreciate it a ton!
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    Re: Bleeding when I wipe for months

    I totally know how you feel. I had some blood on the tp too and I called my doctors office and cried on the phone to the receptionist when they asked me what my issue was. It was a fissure. Your description of it also sounds like a fissure. My doctor said they dont need to hurt, they can itch. I've probably read the same stories as you and while I'm still trying to work through my issues around it, I've been telling myself often with these personal accounts there are details missing. People forget things. Leave details out. Its probably an extremely rare case to go from one spot of blood to stage 4 cancer. I mean i got into an anxiety spiral around this but when I went back and read some of the accounts again I saw that people mentioned other signs like weight loss, no appetite, family link, and anemia. I'm sure you are fine and you have a fissure but you doctor should confirm this for you.

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