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Thread: Sudden metallic/sour taste in mouth?

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    Sudden metallic/sour taste in mouth?

    Hi guys, just wondering what a metallic/sour - almost poison tasting mouth that has come out of nowhere might be caused from? Iíve read it could be from anxiety but I havenít been feeling anxious or worried about anything lately. Even if I drink water it tastes sour and weird. Itís been like this for about three days now and is worse as the day goes on. I woke up this morning thinking it had eased but now itís awful again. Iíve also felt a bit nauseous the last few days as well and have had headaches. Definitely not pregnant and was tested for diabetes a few months ago so itís not that, even though I have most of the symptoms for diabetes! Has anyone else experienced this for days and itís turned out to be nothing?

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    Re: Sudden metallic/sour taste in mouth?

    I had that many times, and it actually turned out to be nothing. You have to remember firstly that it is connected to your stomach acid , which acts up if you are stressed , in fear, or anxiety. Also, it may be coming from your gall bladder , which also reacts to anxiety. When it used to happen to me for months, the doctor eventually ordered gall bladder ultrasound, and it was as clean as a whistle. So, literally, nothing. But it was there as a symptom for a long time. And it was ALL caused by my horrible anxiety. The fact that it does not bother you when you sleep, but grows worse during the day, tells you a lot. As I said to someone else on the Forum, at this point I know there is literally NOTHING that my mind cannot produce as a physical symptom due to anxiety. I would just try to relax, and calm down, and it will go away in few days.

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