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Thread: heart worries

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    heart worries

    its got me again........

    i always now seem (to me anyway) to be not struggling as such, but difficulty breathing (not covid as we get tested weekly in work) also a slight heaviness in chest, arm (both) been heavy for quite a few weeks now, bp is going between 130-150/75-100 pulse 90ish which is usual for me and occasional facial spasms and pains

    no idea why but getting so anxious and that is making the anxiety worse

    had 2 ECG's since nov last year last one being feb/march and all was normal on those

    any advice would really be appreciated, thanks for reading

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    Re: heart worries


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    Re: heart worries

    I have very similar symptoms to you and can totally relate to how terrifying it is. I try my best to put it down to anxiety but I am being seen by a doctor next week to make sure. Since your tests came back normal I wouldn't worry too much about it. The heavy arms can be from tension we hold in our neck and back during high anxiety. With covid going on at think a lot of peoples anxiety is worse right now. Try to stay positive. Hope this helps some and you feel better <3

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