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Thread: PMS symptoms, anyone?

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    PMS symptoms, anyone?

    Hello all! I am a 24 year old female with a two year old son. My periods used to be regular with the same symptoms. I would always know what day my period would come and I would have symptoms for one day and that was it. The worst symptom for me was always cramps. Ever since Iíve had my son my periods have changed so much! They are not as predictable. I have a range of about 5-6 days it could come. Then, my PMS starts 7-10 days before my period. Iím insanely hungry, moody, thirsty, more sensitive to caffeine and I canít sleep. My anxiety and depression also increases. My face flushes red as well and that is scaring me. When I actually get my period all the symptoms go away, I donít even get cramps anymore! The worst symptoms during my actual period are just headaches and fatigue. Can anyone relate to PMS being worse than their period? Or having your cycle change after having children? Thank you all!

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    Re: PMS symptoms, anyone?

    Welcome to getting older All normal! Wait till you're 40 LOL
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    Re: PMS symptoms, anyone?

    oh yeah a lot worse, especially when you head into peimenopause, right now I never know when my periods are coming and I get join aches, sick to my stomach on rare occasions, headache, back pain, ibs flare ups, crying one moment, angry the next, fatigue , gas,
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