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Thread: Really could do with some help tonight

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    Really could do with some help tonight


    I have posted a few times the last few weeks, but im hoping this time someone might offer some reassurance :( I have had irregular cycles since having my implant out 5 years ago, but the last few weeks have been unbearable, it stared in july when I had a few days of spotting I freaked out and went to the doctor who did a Pelvic exam and said everything looked and felt great, I felt a lot better after but was still a little worried as I missed my period in july completely, I then decided to go on the mini pill to hopefully stop the spotting, I was on this for 16 days but gave me terrible nausea :( so stopped it, 4 days before stopping it I had some bleeding from my vagina 2 days in a row after a bowel movement, i then stopped the pill, i had what i thought was a withdrawal bleed 3 days after stopping, it lasted 8 days and had 2 very large pieces of tissue in it but on the whole was very very light, not much on my pad mostly when i wiped and was red/pink, I then had 4 days of nothing but yesterday I have come on another "period" i cramping but only fresh blood when i wipe and only a few drops on the pad :( i normally have very very heavy and painful periods so this is very odd, I have had period like pains for the last year at random times of the month, the last week I have had the urge to go for a wee even if there is nothing there (didnt have this at all yesterday), sometimes it feels like there is some down there when I bend over altho not all the time, I have weird pains in my left ovary area, pain in the bottom left of my back, hip and thigh pain, i have booked a private scan for tomorrow morning but I have so so scared, I am pretty sure its going to be bad news I cant stop shaking and crying! These all point towards ovarian cancer!! Anyone had anything like this before? Thank you so much for reading x

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    Re: Really could do with some help tonight

    Sorry I won't be much help - not been on any of the birth control before, but I can totally sympathise with your panic. Maybe it's just pms symptoms. If I get bad cramps it sometimes goes into my back and top of my legs.

    My period just hasn't shown up this month and defo not pregnant. My mind keeps going to the worst possibility too, but I find distracting myself helps. The more I focus on something the more I overthink what's causing it.

    Hope the scan goes well for you!

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    Re: Really could do with some help tonight

    Thank you for replying to me! I have had absent periods a few times over the last couple of years, i know it is quite common to have it at least once i hope you feel better soon, once I have my scan I'll let you know what happens x

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    Re: Really could do with some help tonight

    Any update?

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