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    I went to the dermatologist last year and he looked at a spot on my thigh and said it was a seborrheic keratosis, which is benign. This year when I went back he said the same spot was an actinic keratosis, which is pre-cancerous. (they don't just change) I don't know why I didn't ask him right then and there, but I didn't. Anyway, I left his office and of course a few days later decided to research it. Everything says if it is that it should be frozen off. I called his office and the nurse said nothing was noted in that area, and that if the doctor felt it was actinic keratosis he would have removed it that day. I described it to the nurse and she said it sounded like pre-cancer and then said I can go back on October the 8th and he will remove it. That is so far away and I'm going to worry about it. Of course, I think to myself, I have had this now for two years and shown my doctor (who gets amazing reviews) twice. What if it is has turned to cancer and what if it is advanced.

    I'm really worried about this. I've told myself that the chances are low and that if he thought it was cancer he wouldn't have just sent me home. I've also looked at the stats and only 3,500 people die from this kind of cancer (squamous cell) each year, so it isn't super common.

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    Re: Keratosis

    I have several ( at least) saborrheic keratosis spots on my body. I go every year to my dermatologist for check up, and he always confirmed it. Is it brownish and sort of plastered on your skin? If it is, and it did not change since last time he said it was saborrheic keratosis, then that is what it is. Do you think he may have just made a mistake, actually meaning the same thing, but just said different words?

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    Hi Lana. I did think that may have been the case. I have three or four different saborrheic keratosis spots in different areas of my body. One is pinkish, one is kind of white and one is a light brown. The one that I'm worried about has kind of a thin whitish scaly top that I can scratch off. Though I have done research and found that some do have this. I keep telling myself the reason he didn't suggest doing anything about it was because he probably did accidentally say the wrong thing, that makes sense. His nurse said if he thought it was AK he would have had me freeze it right then. So...for a person without HA, I'm sure this wouldn't even be a thought.

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    Re: Keratosis

    Solar Keratosis doesn't always turn into (basal cell carcinoma). If it does then it 100% curable, my brother and I have had heaps of them. We live in NZ where everyone has some solar keratosis during their lifetime and many have squamous cell as well.

    Actinic keratosis can be a pre-cancerous condition which may become squamous cell carcinoma, I've had both. The best thing is to get it blasted with the Frozen Freddy (as we call it)! Even squamous cell is 100% curable as it's very slow growing. I had one cut out of my shoulder 2 years ago, it was about 10 x .7 mm and it was all good.

    Please don't worry about it, honestly it's not worth it. Take care x
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