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Thread: Looking for someone to chat with.

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    Looking for someone to chat with.

    im looking for people to chat with, I usually have lots of random things to talk about. Im also a good listener.

    I have abit of anxiety that holds me back a small amount but I have worked hard over the years to overcome the worst of it and be in a good place. Mostly thanks to a self help technique called EFT.

    I'm 39, I love to keep fit and active, Im into true crime mainly unsolved, going out to eat or staying in watching films, films range from 40s to present day. etc.

    Hope to talk soon.
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    Re: Looking for someone to chat with.

    Hey, you.

    Feel free to drop me a PM if you want. I'm 43 and staggeringly lazy
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    Re: Looking for someone to chat with.

    Hi Riky, also in the 39 club
    Not quite as fit and active as you perhaps but watch a lot of movies and read a fair bit, into self help, relaxation techniques and healthy living these days, can never be too late hey (hopefully not).
    If you wanted to chat please drop me a PM, can do on here or WhatsApp.

    All the best, take it easy

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