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Thread: B12 Deficiency - Scared

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    B12 Deficiency - Scared

    Hi everyone, so I'm donating my stem cells in a few weeks with Anthony Nolan. I went to London last week for my medical exam. Dr phoned me today and said I had a minor Vitamin B12 and foliate deficiency and my white blood count was a bit low. I'm taking quetiapine and she said that was probably the cause and I've been told I've had low b12 before but I can't stop thinking it's something worse than that. Also she said they found a tiny trace of blood in my urine and that made me panic even more. She said its not uncommon to have a trace of blood in urine. She said it was nothing serious and not to worry but I'd have to have more tests just to make sure. I'm so scared, is this something I should be concerned about? Thanks

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    Re: B12 Deficiency - Scared

    I have low B12 and have injections every 3 months.

    I also get blood in urine when tested a lot.

    Nothing to be really concerned about to be honest.

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    Re: B12 Deficiency - Scared

    No low B12 is very common, also folate. A good brand supplementation should fix the issue.
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    Re: B12 Deficiency - Scared

    Hubs has the B12 injections every few months. (when he remembers to go)

    If he gets anymore laid back - he'll be horizontal.

    Seems to be a common thing (B12 deficiency, not being laid back)
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    Re: B12 Deficiency - Scared

    Hi Andy699.. donít worry vitamin b12 deficiency is very common Iíve been having injections for the past 6 years. As soon as I feel the symptoms I just go for my top up

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    Re: B12 Deficiency - Scared

    My dad has B12 deficiency. He just goes to the doctors every 3 months for an injection. He's completely fine.
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    Re: B12 Deficiency - Scared

    I have pernicious anemia/ B12 deficiency. I was very relieved to find this out, because I can solve it! Health problems that have solutions are the best kind, I think. I did a period of daily loading doses, and now my husband does the injections at home for me twice a week.

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