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Anyway a CJD positive patient can contaminate the instruments.
Not by merely having an instrument touch the eyeball. Prions need to come in direct contact with nerve tissue of the central nervous system. This didn't, couldn't happen with the test you had.

Australian guidelines do not require special cleaning of instruments which only touch the anterior segment of the eye, i.e. the front exposed third of the eye including the cornea, iris, and sclera (the white outer layer of the eyeball) - see Table 1, Low-infectivity or no detectable infectivity(2). Prions cannot penetrate tissue and make their way to the nervous system on their own.

Especially since the cases in my province were right in my city. I thought it was 2 but it was 3.
Two were symptomatic before the surgery, the third seems to be still under investigation. You have not had potentially infected tissue such as a corneal graft implanted, or surgery involving the central nervous system so they are not relevant.