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    Hey everyone,

    So a little background, Iím a filmmaker and getting into podcasting but curious about the idea of having a podcast about the journey Iíve had over the past 2 years with mental illness. I know the topic is very common in media but i feel as tho I have a lot to discuss and share. I would write a book if I could (Iím not a great writer) but podcasting seems very interesting as many listen to stories and experiences through it.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Podcast?

    Podcaster here too. Looking to improve my film making to create documentaries. Only problem is I don't have recording equipment so it'd be stock, and digital illustrations/animations. I can draw a little.

    Any help or advice you need I'd be happy to help.
    All thoughts are my own. I write a blog: Irrational Brain

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