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Thread: The NHS Track and Trace Covid-19 App

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    Re: The NHS Track and Trace Covid-19 App

    Quote Originally Posted by Pamplemousse View Post
    However, it would seem very likely that Paris is about to enter the same level of restrictions as Marseille on Sunday:
    On the other hand the govts of both France and Spain still haven't as yet opted for second nationwide lockdowns, despite cases in both countries still being far higher than the UK.

    Strangely cases in England now seem to be either declining or at least levelling off, whilst cases in the other 3 UK nations are still on the increase and NI has the fastest increase today.

    Quite ironic considering Scotland, Wales and NI previously all seemed to be far more on the case than England in managing the pandemic, though England, obviously being the largest and most populous of all 4 UK nations, still accounts for the lion's share of infections.

    It was also mentioned on the BBC News website today that the latest ONS figures for Covid are a bit lower than those of the previous week, despite the time lag.

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    Re: The NHS Track and Trace Covid-19 App

    Briefly returning to this; how many people on here have this app AND use the "venue check in" function?

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    Re: The NHS Track and Trace Covid-19 App

    Quote Originally Posted by Pamplemousse View Post
    Briefly returning to this; how many people on here have this app AND use the "venue check in" function?
    Do you have any thoughts on it's accuracy? I'm thinking of trying this app but it was difficult finding anything beyond bullet points on how it works. For me if a venue had someone with Covid there 6 hours before me I'm not interested for the same reasons the road I walked across earlier didn't see me run over but someone else was, for instance.
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    Re: The NHS Track and Trace Covid-19 App

    Quote Originally Posted by Pamplemousse View Post
    Briefly returning to this; how many people on here have this app AND use the "venue check in" function?
    I have at two venues

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    Re: The NHS Track and Trace Covid-19 App

    Hello everyone,
    I am new to the forum.
    What is your opinion on the data privacy when using this app?

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    Re: The NHS Track and Trace Covid-19 App

    I believe the test and trace application doesn't work, and I'd be highly suspicious of installing any application owned by the Government. But, if you have Facebook, Snapchat, Tiktoc, Whatsapp, Twitter on you're phone then you're already in a bad place in terms of your privacy and data

    But on a serious note I've read so much about the failure of the test and trace app. Here's one from today:
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    Re: The NHS Track and Trace Covid-19 App

    Well I guess bugs will appear as with all new launched apps and of course you're right about all data from other apps. But regarding the venue checking in I think that comparing to the other two ways of track and trace it is probably the safest.

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    Re: The NHS Track and Trace Covid-19 App

    Quote Originally Posted by WiredIncorrectly View Post
    As a software developer here is how I would develop test and trace.

    In my hypothetical application the app the collects nothing but your geocordinates and your telephone number. Using this data I could then see the exact location of a person and everybody else around them.

    ... oh wait. Now we have a problem with my very simple idea. Already there is enough information to track the whereabouts of anybody who has installed the application. Forget the bugs in the system, that's nothing compared to the data they already have.

    Is it wrong to accuse the Government of manipulation of data? Absolutely not. Every political party wants data to help market their campaigns. Domonic Cummings is VERY good at it, and I praise him on his intellectual abilities in the area of data science.

    On the surface, it's a great idea. The same as Facebook app, and TicToc, are apparently great ideas. Under the surface lurks a sinister beast of every mobile application. The beast is the data sucking hoover that takes all your seemingly innocent "doing nothing wrong" data, and it turns it into meaningful data that can be used against you.

    It's going to be super easy for the Government to fine lockdown breakers who have test and trace installed. "Oh look, she went out the house to get her hair cut a Maggies house, we'll pop her a message that she owes us 50 quid" ... said the AI.

    I trust non of it. I work in the industry. I know how murky it is. My friends work in the industry of "selling data". I have profited from the sale of data. Ever put your name in to win something? Ever signed up to receive newsletters? Your data is gold.

    I could set up a legit website, under a legit company, posing as a "loan search engine". You'll enter your details, and my cash machine will start spitting out money. You're what's called a "hot lead". Your get you'll loan, I'd get your juicy data that's worth £3. Just £3 you may say. Well, times that by 10,000 people doing the same and the numbers make sense. And after you've been sold once, I'll sell you again, and again, and again, and again until my lead list has been ran dry. Then I'd rinse and repeat.

    If you feel like my business practices are damned wrong, you're right. But this is what is happening day in, day out, and all the players are on the ball.

    I'm not in this game anymore, but I can tell you how it all works. For your own safety people ... ditch these apps. Just get yourself a normal bog standard phone. The rest is hype.

    Google a company called leadbyte. Pay them £300 a month and you can sell your leads all day long. They'll even buy them and hook you up with buyers automatically. You pick the highest bidder for your data. The fee is for their software. I could fix my financial situation at the click of a finger, but money is useless when earned in immoral ways. I'd rather sit on my throne knowing I worked damned hard and legitimately for my income. I've been the bad guy in my past. This practice is often put under "big data", "data science", or in reality ... data brokering.

    I'm a wise old fool.
    I appreciate your answer.
    I understand what you mean about all this data business and I can see it happen all the time. Ads on facebook from what I have been googling before etc.
    And of course political parties want to market campaigns.

    The app however, from what I have read about how it works with random IDs and not built-in GPS seems to me a decent way to try not to track locations.
    Track and trace as a method though is some kind of surveillance but it is supposed to be done for protecting vulnerable groups of people from getting the virus.
    So, in a sense, I agree that if you don't want to share your data you probably have to get an older technology phone.

    Regarding what I said about venue check-in, I mentioned that it is probably the best to use the scan of the QR code and not the other options because in the other two options you register on a website or give your details to the venue and you can be tracked and traced. The only difference is I guess that you cannot upload your supposedly positive test to the app. However if you are tested positive I guess your details are also used.

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    Re: The NHS Track and Trace Covid-19 App

    Can we put the tin foil hats away.

    It's just data. They don't have a direct connection to your brain in order to control your thoughts.

    All it's for is to hyper define the ads you see to encourage you to buy shit. Relax.

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    Re: The NHS Track and Trace Covid-19 App

    Quote Originally Posted by ankietyjoe View Post
    Can we put the tin foil hats away.
    Hey Joe! For the sake of clarity, those hats should be made of ordinary aluminium foil. Tin foil’s scarce these days and it won’t work for the purpose to which you allude....

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