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    Binge Eating

    Since lockdown started I have been feeling so down and began eating really unhealthy snacks. I am now worried that i have developed an eating disorder and am addicted to sugar. It happens every day where between my lunch and dinner I start eating lots of chocolate, sweets and snacks. I dont know what to do and feel so ashamed and it's making me very anxious about what I'm doing to my body ans health. I am fairly short and a healthy weight and people always say I'm skinny, but on the inside I feel so unhealthy and unwell and I'm getting pains in my whole body ans chest and feeling tired all the time.

    The weird thing is that I dont even feel full any days now and I dont feel sick or stuffed after a binge, I can just keep on eating. I do enjoy the taste of the food and just want more and more and I cant control the cravings. Today about an hour after finishing lunch I ate rice cake with peanut butter, small yoghurt, scotch pancake with golden syrup, packet of crisps and chocolate bar, ate these within 30 minutes. Then 2 hours later I ate cereal bar, 2 chocolate bars, big bag of sweets. I feel so guilty and disgusted. I dont feel sick but my heart is beating quite fast maybe from all the sugar and I'm getting worried about it. I just dont know how to control it and am scared it's getting out of control as it happens most days at the moment. Does this sound like an eating disorder?

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    Re: Binge Eating

    I don't think you have an eating disorder, but it does sound like a response to stress. First things are first though, you have to eliminate any physical causes to be sure. Are you female? If you are, make sure you aren't pregnant or that you aren't having a problem with your thyroid. Often if we're having an physical or hormonal issues, they present themselves in our diet. If you can rule out any physical causes, then the next step is to reduce your stress. What about lockdown is the most problematic for you?
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