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Thread: Nodding/shaking head

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    Nodding/shaking head


    over the past few months Iíve noticed I have a nodding shaking head, at times it is quite visible in the mirror. Itís worst when Iím shattered or stressed and it kind of feels like my head and parts of my upper body are moving along with my pulse.

    i did the regrettable thing of searching it and it said it could signal a heart problem which now has me worried.

    Has anyone else had this? Iím assuming since I had an ecg 6 years ago I donít have to worry too much but it still scared me a bit.

    thank you

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    Re: Nodding/shaking head

    Hi, do you mean when you move your head it seems to tremor a bit? I know I've experienced that before which in the end I put down to muscle fatigue related to anxiety.
    Like you say best not to search it! If you are worried check it out with the Dr, but it's really common to experience pulsating in your body especially if you have a strong/hard heartbeat, or if you are slim. I used to worry a lot about pulsating parts of my body! Once you focus on it you keep seeing more of it!
    I hope this helps somewhat!

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