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Thread: Red soles of feet - is this normal?

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    Red soles of feet - is this normal?

    I noticed that the soles of my feet are very red. There is a noticeable line between the bottom of my foot and the top of my foot going from red to pale white. I noticed this a while ago and thought nothing of it but today I have become fixated on it.

    Iím really worried that this means there is something wrong. I thought it was maybe just the blood flow from getting up and walking around this morning but they have stayed the same colour all day - red. Now Iím concentrating on my feet and they are a tiny bit pins and needly so naturally worried I have a neurological condition/diabetes. Other than that there is no pain or swelling or anything.

    Does anyone else have the same?

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    Re: Red soles of feet - is this normal?

    From looking back at old pictures in some of them I have red heels and feet. Iíve never really noticed it before and it seems very red today. Maybe this is just a variation of colouring? My palms are not red. In any case it looks really unsightly!

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    Re: Red soles of feet - is this normal?

    Mine are like this if I've been walking for a while, but it will only be the parts that were touching the pavement ie not the instep. They return to a normal colour after I get back home. I think what you're describing is normal.
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    Re: Red soles of feet - is this normal?

    yes perfectly normal
    Emmz xx

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    Re: Red soles of feet - is this normal?


    If you want to stare at your feet, grab some sesame oil and give yourself a massage - your body will thank you for it.
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