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Thread: Lump in mouth...scared

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    Lump in mouth...scared

    Hi everyone.

    i first noticed this strange thing in my mouth around christmas time last year when I had a nagging sore throat on the same side. It was pretty inflamed and red and I felt like I was getting the start of a cold, but it eventually died down and nothing ever came of it. naturally, i stopped checking the back of my throat because there was no longer any pain. I cant say for certain how long this mass has been there (or if it always has) since I don’t often look at the back of my mouth. I will admit that I don’t have the best dental health routine. i have depression and often spend days in bed not doing anything so I sleep and miss teeth brushing and showering. I noticed the mass again when I was sick, and it seems like it flares up and gets red and painful for a few days every couple months then goes away. I’ve attached a photo for you to look at. it’s on the right side and it’s almost attached to the other parts of my mouth. i woke up to it hurting again today (i gargled salt water) and i’m going into overdrive convincing myself i have mouth cancer. I cant get an appointment here for ages because covid is very bad in my area so I’m not sure what to do. i’m not expecting a diagnosis here at all just want some reassurance or advice. i’m wondering if it’s just a cyst or polyp or something that flares up occasionally because of my dental health or if it’s much more serious. thanks for looking :-) happy to answer anything
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    Re: Lump in mouth...scared

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    Re: Lump in mouth...scared

    Have you tried getting a dental appointment? Dentists are trained to spot suspicious mouth sores. They may be able to reassure you, or refer you for investigation.

    Inanna xx

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