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Thread: Terrified of Getting Cavity Filled

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    Terrified of Getting Cavity Filled

    I have a cavity I need to get filled, and I'm terrified of getting it done due to reading about the potential side effects from the medication. I've only had a filling once before, and I remember also being really terrified of it, but becoming super happy during it? Not sure if that was due to the drugs or just the fact that I had realized that there was no danger. I also remember complaining about my leg twitching, but again I'm not sure what that was from or if it even happened. But after that filling I have learned about the potential side effects of the drugs given and now am absolutely terrified to have to do it again.

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    Re: Terrified of Getting Cavity Filled

    I understand your fears. I have a huge fear of medications right along with a huge fear of the dentist lol. Not a great combo when dental work is needed. I will say finding the right dentist has made all the difference for me, as well as being 100% up front and honest about my anxieties and various neurosis. I still don’t love the dentist. But it’s infinitely more bearable now and I don’t go into a tailspin of anxiety at the thought of it.

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