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Thread: Jolt base of head

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    Jolt base of head

    Hi , I sometimes suffer with my lower back just above the tail bone sometimes it goes and can last a week . This happened a couple of weeks ago but it fine now however Iím experiencing a jolt at the base of my head itís like a very mild sharp pain that happens then goes this could be every few hours or so Iím not sure if itís related to my back problem itís odd
    Has anyone experienced this jolty type of pain ?

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    Re: Jolt base of head

    I have, and it may be related to back pain. I've had it happen to me if I move too suddenly in a weird way; for example, if I'm going through a wire fence and bend my head funny.

    It's painful and it really scared me the first time it happened but it's not abnormal and should go away if you treat it with ice or heat. Since you also have back pain I'm wondering if that might be effecting your posture which it turn is effecting your neck?

    I'm sorry I don't have more answers but I hope you get to feeling better!

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    Re: Jolt base of head

    Thankyou for your reply Poppy , Iím quite an anxious person which doesnít help the pain isnít a headache itís just a small jolt of pain that is over in seconds very strange

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