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    seeing stars

    Do any of you see stars when you're having a panic attack? I get hot flashes, extreme feelings of depersonalization and feel like i'm going to faint, and then some times I see stars. I haven't actually fainted yet, but I'm worried every time that I will faint.

    It seems to me that I only see stars during the worst of the panic attacks, and I just want reassurance that other people have this as well.

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    Re: seeing stars

    When you are having a panic attack your blood pressure goes up, fainting is when you have a sudden drop of blood pressure so you are unlikely to faint when having a panic attack.

    The seeing stars bit is all part of the panic, all of your blood is diverted to your major organs as your body goes into panic mode and deems that to be where your blood needs to be to survive....... so when it does that, your extremities will go cold and tingle so also this will go for your eyes too.
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    Re: seeing stars

    Yes, seeing stars happens.

    As VBJ mentioned, it's highly, highly unlikely you'll faint during a panic attack. Panic is your bodies reaction to perceived danger, and fainting is not ideal if you're in danger.

    Even if you do faint, so what?

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