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Thread: Sudden fatigue? Fine, then extreme tiredness?

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    Sudden fatigue? Fine, then extreme tiredness?

    Hi all, hope everyone is doing well and coming along nicely in their recovery...

    Things have been up and down but mostly OK for me. Lately though, I've hit a rough patch where a new (odd) thing is happening...

    I'll be going on with my day, doing fine... confident, normal energy... and suddenly it's like I've been drugged. That's the only way I can explain it.
    It's the kind of extreme tiredness you have to fight off. It's also fatigue, but it's a true mental tired... the kind of extreme tired you have when given medication
    or maybe when you're a little kid.

    This comes out of the blue. It's led to some strong panic later, or sometimes it hangs around for a while then leaves.

    My sleep lately has been about normal. Not great, but if anything a touch better than usual. I've had the same diet and sleep for a long time and don't
    take any psych meds or new meds.

    Does anyone experience this?

    Just wondering how you react, and how you convince yourself you are OK and accept it and get back to living. The brain is running a lot of narratives.

    Anyone familiar with this?

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    Re: Sudden fatigue? Fine, then extreme tiredness?

    I often feel like this too. I also always questioned if it was nornal or if something was wrong with me.
    I promise you this is anxiety. It does zap you of your energy.
    Let's face it our poor brain deals with so much racing thoughts, as well as our hearts racing. We are going to be tired.

    Hope this helps.

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