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Thread: Just tired.

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    Just tired.

    I'm so tired of constantly fighting a poorly brain right now. It's exhausting, isn't it? I don't know where my head is at right now, but I feel powerless to get out of this funk. Usually if I have a problem I have things at my disposal to deal with it. However, I've experienced the loss of a relationship lately, so there's literally only time that can help, right? I'm trying to keep busy, eat better, exercise, take my meds, talk to friends. Literally the only thing I can improve is my self-care, which isn't bad, I just know it could be better and it's a slog at the moment. I guess barring that, the only thing that I can do is to carry on and wait for time to heal me?

    I don't know why I'm posting, because I feel the above to be true. However if anyone has anything they can think of that I can do to move my recovery forwards that'd be great, lol. I'm nodding off but frightened to sleep because I wake up a lot scared. I've had to take codeine today though so maybe that will help with the sleep, I don't know. Am I even making sense?

    I just feel desperate to feel better. I feel flat, for lack of a better word. Monotone. Dejected. Part of me knows I'll come back from this, but I don't know how.

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    Re: Just tired.

    Quote Originally Posted by EmmerLooeez View Post
    I feel flat, for lack of a better word. Monotone. Dejected.
    You deal with things a day at a time, and the work starts here, when you feel like this - especially while you feel like this.

    You don't wait until you feel a bit better...

    You start now.

    Keep your body moving...

    Nourish your body..

    Hydrate your body...

    In doing these things you are caring for your body which will in turn benefit the mind..

    Don't be scared to fall asleep. If you wake up feeling anxious, you'll deal with it. Try and make the very last thing you see or read at night something pleasant and uplifting, and your brain will remember..

    This phase will pass as all things do..

    All the best X
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    Re: Just tired.

    I was just browsing the forum and this is a great reply NoraB! Thanks for that, I'm taking the advice on as i'm feeling exactly the same now as EmmerLooeez described

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