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Thread: Question for men

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    Question for men

    Hi guys.

    Last few weeks I have suffering with the urge to pee a lot, even if I have only just been. When I do go back again I only pee out a little trickle sometimes. I can have good days and bad days, or a mix of good and bad during the day. When I’m busy I don’t notice it that much, but rest of the time I’m constantly thinking about it. I’m 42 and half and wondering if I might be at the start of enlarged prostrate. I have been checked for urine infection and that was all ok. Getting bit stressed and worked up about it.

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    Re: Question for men

    I have the same thing esp at night.
    Had a scan and it turns out I have a slightly enlarged prostate.
    Quite a common thing in men.
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    Re: Question for men


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    This is nothing personal - it just enables us to keep posts about the same problems in the relevant forums so other members with any experience with the issues can find them more easily.

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