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Thread: Uncomfortable lady area- am I going crazy?

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    Uncomfortable lady area- am I going crazy?

    Before I start, I'm not really asking for reassurance because I've been doing that for years and it's only a short fix. I suppose I'm just reaching out during a LOW time to see if any other ladies have experienced anything similar.
    I'll try and keep this as short as possible because theres a lot to it...
    SO, 3 months ago I was feeling uncomfy down below. Dry, itchy, burny, stingy, uncomfortable to walk. My flaps felt like they were rubbing and chaffing. Just generally unpleasant. Since then I've been to the doctors and have BV (Bacterial Vaginoses) come back in the swab. I tried the appropriate creams, gels and 2 lots of antibiotics and it was still present. The huge issue is my health anxiety can make me hold on to feelings that may have passed. I'm not sure it ever really went. I stated to feel slightly better, so I went swimming, tried to have sex with my partner and it just felt awful. Burny, uncomfy. Not pleasant.
    This sounds like nothing but it's got my so depressed that nothing has worked. I've been off work for over a month because my job is on foot and I can't bare it. I was a very active girl before.. going to the gym and walking (to keep my anxiety at bay) but now I can't do those things. I feel so very alone and like there's no end in sight.
    I sat in a&e last week just to be given more cream. I saw a private Gynecologist a few days ago who was very helpful. She did more swabs, actually examined me and said nothing looks or feels alarming.. which is great. But I've gotta wait another 2 weeks for swab results and also book in a scan at the hospital just to check everything is ok inside as well. She wasn't worried. BUT seriously, I'm so uncomfy. The symptoms seem to vary a bit. Today I'm on my period and it's SO itchy down there. So dry, so uncomfy.

    I'm just wondering if anyone has had anything similar? I'm so down I can't even imagine my life getting better or how it feels to have a normal lady area... :(

    Thank you if you got this far. I know it's alot

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    Re: Uncomfortable lady area- am I going crazy?

    I had no issues with my ladybits until I went through the menopause. I had period woes, but no problems with my undercarriage whatsoever.

    It started when I began to have a pressure feeling in my vagina (which also coincided with a hefty bout of constipation) anyhoo, Doc fingered me and said, 'Nothing of concern up there, Mrs B, but there is some atrophy'.

    Me: A trophy? I was thinking my vagina had won an award for something?

    I was given no more details than that so it was up to me to fill in the gaps..

    Turns out that the skin of the ol' vageroo thins dramatically - causing itching, paper-cuts and soreness. Not only that, but the vagina itself shortens - which is why I came to have to use some most un-sexy dilators to open the damn thing back up again.

    So, I joined Facebook groups for 'issues of the fanny' and my symptoms (and yours) suddenly became extremely common, and from all age groups!

    Obviously you're not post-meno because you are having periods, but maybe what helps me can help you to feel more comfortable?

    I use several creams to help with the itchiness/soreness (Olive and Bee and Yes products are both great) but occasionally I have to bring in the big guns - Trimovate - which literally takes a matter of hours to sort out my tiny tears (that's a small tear in the skin, not the doll). On top of this, I use non-bleached loo roll and I don't use any kind of bath oils. I also put my kinckers through an extra rinse when I wash them to get rid of the chemicals in detergents - even though I use teh sensitive Non-Bio ones. As my loo is by the sink, I flick some water at my undercarriage when I've had a wee because urine irritates sensitive skin, and if you're a 'sprinkler' like me - that can make things very uncomfortable down there!

    I've literally never paid so much attention to my fadge, but it helps to keep things annoyance free, you get me?

    All the best.
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    Re: Uncomfortable lady area- am I going crazy?

    I first developed vulvodynia when I was 16 and it was always misdiagnosed as thrush. I only got properly diagnosed after a really bad bout when I was sent to the GUM clinic and got seen by a vulvodynia/vestibulitis specialist. She recommended lidocaine 5% ointment and amitryptiline. Like Nora I never use bubble bath or anything perfumed in the bath. Stress definitely causes a flare up with me..It's a horrible condition but it may be worth you having a look online at vulvodynia and seeing if there are any similarities with your symptoms?

    I don't take amitryptiline because I'm constipated enough as it is but the lidocaine does take the edge off the burning pain.

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    Re: Uncomfortable lady area- am I going crazy?

    I was misdiagnosed with vulvodynia, but actually have lichen planus, this was treated with a strong steroid cream and I now only have very brief short flare ups.
    I was diagnosed by a dermatologist, who are good at diagnosing vulval skin complaints.
    This maybe another avenue to explore, if your symptoms do not improve.

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    Re: Uncomfortable lady area- am I going crazy?

    is it ever itchy at night ? That would then point more towards lichen sclerosus. Hard to say about the burning and itching, vulvodynia is still rare so unlikely. Try and see a new OBGYN to take you seriously. If Canesten/thrush treatments don't work after several attempts it's a clear sign it's not thrush

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