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Thread: Impacted wisdom tooth extraction

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    Unhappy Impacted wisdom tooth extraction

    Has anyone ever had to have an impacted wisdom tooth removed?
    I've been having problems with mine and it's likely it needs to come out.
    I am generally anxious anyway but dentists scare the life out of me.
    I'm unsure if it will be via sedation or general anaesthetic.
    Had a bad experience with the sedation and not being fully sedated.
    Never been under GA but am scared of dying on the table from a reaction to it.
    I sound ridiculous I know.
    Just wanted to hear some of your experiences with this.

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    Re: Impacted wisdom tooth extraction

    I had my wisdom teeth removed many years ago, but they used local anaesthesia. However recently I had a hernia repair surgery and had the same fear about general anaesthesia (i.e. being put to sleep), but when it came to it I barely even noticed I slept. Was kind of a funny experience hearing the anaesthesiologist saying "I'm now opening the oxygen... now I'm..." then suddenly being in another room, when in reality it was a few hours later and I had been asleep the entire time. They normally ask about if you have allergies and if you are really concerned you might be able to get an allergy test done beforehand.

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