Hi everyone it is now 2:30 in the morning and I woke with a horrible panic attack after dreaming about bats. Now as you know I was triggered again and couldn't get my doctor or therapist. Well I did research on google no not the disease it self but bats and behavior. What I found is interesting such as bats are solitary creatures who will stay away and not go out of it's way to attack. Second if you get bit by one it feels like being stuck with a few needles now who wouldn't feel that? My problem was twenty years ago I was bitten/scratched by one when they were spraying for west nile and the spray threw off the bats radar according to the health department and I received the shots which is where this journey began. Well back to behavior This post may be out of order but another action I took because of the doctor therapist issue, I called my health department and explained what happened and as I already knew I wasn't a candidate for boosters. I finally talked to my doctor and now realize what triggered me and I want others to be aware. Two weeks ago a customer where I work came in and was Covid 19 positive and he/ she came in twice the health dept contacted us employees and we were told to take temp for two weeks. Now I realize what happened Covid originates in bats and rabies originates in bats mostly so be careful because rabies is more familiar as a fear it is easy to connect the two to bats and guess what the familiar fear will take over. though our brain is wired with what if thoughts the experts may be wrong trust me I have called them numerous times over the years since and I am still here.