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Thread: Working out effecting heart-rate?

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    Working out effecting heart-rate?

    Hi everyone!

    This maybe isn't the worst or most panic thing I'll ever post but-

    I've recently started working out. For the last two months In that time already I've already started to drop some pounds and a good few inches (this isn't really about losing weight, as much as it was working out to help with my mental health and doing something each day to feel good about myself.)

    I've slowly brought weights into my work-out, nothing fancy or to heavy. Made that mistake in the past of rushing into and doing my back in! I've noticed in the last week I'm heart rate seems to stay pounding for longer after the work out (Idk how fast it's going it's just thumping away quite quickly and fast I can feel.) I also feel breathless at random times and kinda faint but I think that could be a hyperfouce issue. Over the lat couple of nights I have felt very aware of my heart rate- like in the back of my mind it might just stop or something but haven't feel into the trap again of taking my heart rate every few minutes! Thankfully! Alot of therapy work there! Last night I had a massive panic attack- the first one in forever. My heart rate went UP, rather then give in right away. I got out of bed and went out into some air. It took awhile and some deep breaths but I manged to bring my heart rate down again without fully giving into the panic.

    Well-I'm posting this because I feel abit uneasy now I guess?? I've been struggling to sleep at night and I don't feel like this pounding heart is healthy (which I know is my panic mind talking- of course working out will help my heart?) I know deep down there's nothing wrong with my heart, I had sooooooo many test in recent years. I had a ecg about five weeks ago in hospital- This was done because I had to go to a&e because of a accident and they were checking over everything and it was all good!

    Should I keep the weights in or leave them off? I feel like this is just a little dump I need to get over? Any advice would be great! I also do Yoga and other movement as part of my work out. Thank you and take care xxx
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    Re: Working out effecting heart-rate?

    Quote Originally Posted by LouiseAndy View Post
    I had to go to a&e because of a accident and they were checking over everything and it was all good!
    I'll just leave that one there..

    Should I keep the weights in or leave them off? I feel like this is just a little dump I need to get over? Any advice would be great! I also do Yoga and other movement as part of my work out.
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    Re: Working out effecting heart-rate?

    A point that is often missed about exercise is that it is a stress, and that's even more the case when you start upping intensity and duration.

    While it's normal to have an elevated heart rate for a while after exercise, it shouldn't be 'pounding' for ages. Then you have to take into account your definition of 'pounding'. The word itself is fairly subjective and could be a normal heart reaction to other people. Is it your perception, or is it actually pounding?

    I've been in the same situation as you. A couple of years ago I got myself back into the gym and had a personal trainer. I didn't do this because I didn't know what I was doing as I've spent years in the gym when I was younger, but I wanted some accountability and some kind of measured tracking as I did fear my heart rate spikes. All was going well for a while until I let her push me too hard one day and my heart rate didn't come back down as it should. She was concerned as it was still over 100 about 30 minutes after the exercise, but I kinda knew what it was. I should have stopped 15-20 minutes before I did, but I thought I'd be ok.

    Your body has a lot of memory function. Memory isn't just cognitive, it happens all throughout your central nervous system, and any kind of stress can cause a reaction. I think that's what's happening to you here. That doesn't mean you can't exercise, it just means you may need to be mindful of the level at which you exercise over the next 6-12 months until your body accepts what you're doing. Listen to your body and don't pay attention to those fv@king Peleton ads that insist that unless you're exercising yourself into a coma, you're not really exercising.
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    Re: Working out effecting heart-rate?

    Thank you both for the replies xx! It means alot you would take the time to reply.

    Out of interest today, I took my heart rate when finishing working out- it was roughly 160ish. I took some time to cool down afterwards- about half a hour. My heart rate had gone back down to in the 80's. I haven't taken my heart rate besides that today. I actually feel really good about working out now- I might take it abit more easy and build up towards the harder stuff but I'm well sure my heart is able to handle it now and I started to over think it x

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