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    PM Penpal

    Hi, I've wanted to get back into drawing again since it's a part of my life that I've been away from for too long, yet when I looked at DeviantArt recently it seems like the best part of the community has vanished, presumably to Instagram. I do have an Instagram but it doesn't have the same involved community feel to it, so I'm feeling doubly lost as I wanted to return to a place that was special to me only for it to be practically gone.

    I'm 32 and besides drawing I love to travel (especially in France), small roadtrips in the countryside, swimming and learning languages.

    I'm a good listener and while this was originally an art thing you don't have to be an artist, I'm open to talking about anything
    I was expecting to talk by PM though we could go on whatsapp.

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    Re: PM Penpal

    Hi, what type of art do you do? Are you doing the inktober thing?
    I can’t draw, so people who can are so cool to me
    Stay safe

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