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To say this year has been a bit of a nightmare would be fair I think..... I think at the very start people just ran with it and we were kind of lead to believe that in a few months we’d Have conquered it. Sounded pretty hopeful. Something to go on. Ok, so 3 months indoors with limited contact seemed doable, as there was some light at the end of the tunnel. Then summer approached and things started to let up a bit, restrictions were lifted, but the virus was still around and of course a lot of us knew that as soon as the world opened up again the number of cases would rise and this is where we are now. It’s a really tough balance in a situation like this between containing the virus and keeping the economy going. Something really has to give. And you’re absolutely right in that a lot has gone by the wayside as a result of the pandemic and there have been plenty of people who have suffered not necessarily from the virus (although of course that too) but because of it. It was always going to happen. Of course the virus took us all by surprise globally- some countries had better management strategies than others and I’m sorry to have to say that I feel we here didn’t adopt the best strategy to handle it. Of course it’s going to be a tough job for anyone, but I really think certain things could have been done better. I also think that whilst everyone would argue they have suffered and found the lockdown and general upheaval of the pandemic hard, it’s hit some clearly harder than others. In a way, I have kind of just bargained with myself that unfortunately this year is just a bit of a write off. So whilst life as we know it is kind of on hold for now, there are still things we an do and number 1 being looking after ourselves and those close to us. Make sure you have something to occupy yourself, things you enjoy (that of course you can currently do), talking to others (even if it’s remotely), being kind to ourselves and seeking the support we need to ensure that we keep on top of our wellbeing. Another important thing to never lose sight of is that this will come to an end and believe me I know it’s hard right now to think in those terms, but please don’t lose sight of that. Because, there will be a turn for the better again. It just needs a little bit of acceptance and possibly a few adjustments. I know how hard it can feel, but I honestly believe things Will get better again and it won’t be that much longer either. We’ve managed the biggest part already. Keep the vision that normality will return and start thinking about the things you want to do in future and plan ahead for them. I too have not given up on my dreams and I point blank refuse to. Things will be ok, but please do look after yourself and don’t lose hope.
This is an uplifting post - thanks for sharing!

This pandemic is a nightmare that still hunts us until now. But I have hope that things will be okay and yes, definitely dont lose hope. Being positive help us in all aspects - the way we think and handle things.