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Thread: Anybody panic a lot about broken technology?

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    Anybody panic a lot about broken technology?

    I have been like this since childhood honestly, even before I had actual anxiety problems. I guess some people are just born worrywarts. For some reason, I feel helpless about this anxiety theme in a way that I am not when it comes to other themes. I panicked for half of this day because of my broken charger. While I've snapped out of it, I wanna know how not to panic like this again over broken technology.

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    Re: Anybody panic a lot about broken technology?

    Hey your not alone there i used to panic about breaking my toys as a kid and it followed all through my life with everything the way i deal with it is say to my self Its not important its just a material object and it can be replaced your health is more important and the more stress you feel the worse you feel there's just no point making yourself feel that way over a object, Just the over day i broke my pc o well i said to my self it will be fixed in time i walked away feeling a lot less worried, One of the things my dad taught me when i grew up was money is only money you familys people are more important i always think of that when i break stuff or stuff goes wrong
    Change your thinking , change your life.

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