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Thread: Being Sucked into the HA Vortex :-(

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    Re: Being Sucked into the HA Vortex :-(

    Thank you all for your kind words.

    I went to see my mum on Saturday, and out if the blue, she said “ your sister wanted to put things right between you, but she couldn’t find a slot when bil wasn’t around”. I was stunned. On the one hand i am glad she told mr, as it means she did not hate me, but on the other hand I am gutted that now it’s too late.

    I wish I had known

    my ha is still sky high. Pains all over, but especially in my lower legs. I ended up getting a d diner test, after speaking to a gap, who said I am higher risk for dvt, as I am on hrt. Thankfully, it was negative, but I still have the pains, aches burning. I’m also getting an ache in my left arm , so worrying I’m going to have a stroke or something.

    i think I may b e getting depressed. I’m sitting in my bed, no sheets, just the mattress protractor , I washed the linen, and now can’t motivate myself to make the bed up again..

    Inanna xx

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    Re: Being Sucked into the HA Vortex :-(

    Not really feeling any better.

    my calves feel like there is popcorn popping inside. Also get gnawing aches, sharp burning pain. This can’t be normal can it? Maybe I have ms...

    infeel like I am slipping into a big black hole. I spilled a cup of coffee today, and I still haven’t cleaned it up.

    chest pains too

    sisters funeral was yesterday, I was not allowed to go, but I knew this anyway

    Inanna xx

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