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Thread: Warm patch on leg comes and goes

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    Warm patch on leg comes and goes

    So for the last few days, I think i keep getting a warm sensation on a part of my leg about the size of the palm of my hand. It comes and goes and just feels a bit warm for a few minutes and then goes. The skin doesnít look any different at all. Should I be worried about that? The symptoms of a blood clot are redness and pain arenít they?

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    Re: Warm patch on leg comes and goes

    That doesn’t sound like a blood clot I have had a clot in my leg after I dropped my motorcycle going up old O’Sullivans Gap in NSW,my whole leg was hot and it didn’t come and go.x

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    Re: Warm patch on leg comes and goes

    I had this before. It lasted a couple weeks (intermittent warm sensation in one spot just for a few seconds, seemingly at random) and then it went away for good. No clue what it was. Also briefly freaked out about it being a blood clot at first but it didnít make sense that it came and went. Anyway, bodies are weird. Just hoping to ease your mind to share a story of another person out there who had this happen and it wasnít sinister.

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    Re: Warm patch on leg comes and goes

    Um also LOL at our similar screen names.

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