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Thread: Worried about side effects from birth control

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    Worried about side effects from birth control

    I have been wanting to get on birth control for a while now because I want to feel safe and feel like it will make sex more intimate for me and my boyfriend. However Iím terrified of getting side effects. I have pretty much decided I want an IUD as Iím trying to avoid anything that could increase my risk of blood clots (family history) and they seem to have the less side effects as well as not having to remember to take it like a pill.

    At first I was going to just go with the copper IUD as Iím not keen on the idea of hormonal birth control. Then I got thinking, I already have pretty bad periods. They are quite heavy, not super heavy but definitely above average, and have been lasting longer recently too. I also get horrible cramps. The cramps arenít bad every period and have gotten better since I got older but there have been times Iíve felt like Iím going to throw up because of them. Iím also worried I could be anaemic already and donít want to make that worse.

    I love how the hormonal IUD can make periods lighter and even possibly stop them but the side effects concern me. I have read quite a few stories where womenís mental health got way worse on the hormonal IUD and already having OCD, anxiety, depression this is something I really donít want. Iím also worried about weight gain and possible acne (already have bad acne) and decreased libido.

    i know everyone is different and not everyone gets the same side effects or even gets them and the only way to know is get one but I just keep going back and forth between the two in my head a ruminating and obsessing other which is the better option. I currently get the doctors free until I start work mid November so I want to get this done before then but Iím so worried.

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    Re: Worried about side effects from birth control

    I was on birth control for almost 20 years with no problems. In fact, the only time I had problems, were during the times I went off birth control.

    The thing is, you can't know how any medication is going to work with your individual body until you try it. Worrying about side effects before you even try something is setting yourself up for failure. Open your mind, try it, see how it goes, and evaluate it based on what actually happens--not perceived symptoms or anxieties.
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    Re: Worried about side effects from birth control

    I've never been able to take it birth control. Body says no. We're all different and what works for one won't work for another...
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