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Thread: Speech issues

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    Speech issues

    Sighs. My HA has been flaring up a bit recently after having an ok few months.

    I read the story about that rugby player who was diagnosed with MND last year and who's first symptom was speech slurring.

    Now this triggered me into worrying about my speech.

    I don't know if this is an anxiety or a nervous thing, but quite often in public settings I end being tongue tied. When I play football and if I shout across the pitch, I often get words jumbled up and mis-pronounce things. I feel very self-conscious when speaking in public, especially in groups, and I'm starting to worry a bit now as it seems to have gotten worse over the last year or so. It either feels I'm rushing my words or I'm just 'struggling to speak'. I don't know how long this has been going on for.

    My speech has been affected in someways for the past couple of years. For a long period last year, but voice used to contantly break, which was pretty embarrasing.

    For the last 3-4 months I've also been getting like very mild spasms/cramps in my tongue, which is adding fuel to this fire. And also dry foods like biscuits feels like they get stuck at the back of my throat when swallowing.

    Does anyone else have issues like this, or have suffered? Because I'm bordering on an MND spiral now. Is it a social anxiety thing? Because I've always had some symptoms of that like sweating, avoiding situations, a fear of being judged, dry mouth etc
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    Re: Speech issues

    Geez Mr Lurcher I have problems with my tongue but not MND related mine is I swear a lot and get judged because of it,I swear I have Undiagnosed Tourette’s without the tics.

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    Re: Speech issues

    Quote Originally Posted by MrLurcher View Post

    Does anyone else have issues like this, or have suffered? Because I'm bordering on an MND spiral now.
    Step away from the rabbit hole Mr Lurcher!

    I've always had issues with speech in this way - it's partly why I tend to keep my trap shut so much (not that you'd think it on here where I basically never shut up) and it gets worse the more anxious I become. Also, fatigue causes slurring speech. Sometimes Hubs asks me if I've taken my codeine pills because I'm slurring my words, and it's simply because I'm physically and mentally knackered.

    It's honestly nothing to worry about. You've read that story and your HA mind has made the connection. This is HA in action.

    Slurring and anxiety - the causes.

    Hard to focus: too much going on inside your head which affects recall and mental accuracy.

    Muscle tension: makes it hard to move mouth muscles (like when it's cold)

    Hyperawareness - You will have done a thousand times before but you're only noticing it now because you are focused on it.

    Anxiety meds: most act as muscle relaxants making it harder to move facial muscles.

    Fatigue - as previously mentioned. Tired brain - nothing more.

    Hope this helps Mr Lurcher.

    P.S - always dunk your biscuits.
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    Re: Speech issues

    I had this for a short while. I was tripping over words, jumbling them up or couldnít get them out - one night it was so bad i was scared to speak at all - It definitely can be caused by anxiety and I found caffeine made it worse for me. Also when were anxious we pay more attention to it. It still happens to me occasionally now but I barely notice, I just carry on. Try saying your sentence in your mind before you speak it and then saying it slowly perhaps. Our anxious minds are going a mile a minute and I donít think our tongues can always keep up x

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