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    freaking out

    I recently came back from a doctors appt due to a UTI possibly not clearing up and back pain/discomfort. I switched antibiotics prior to this appt from macrobid to augmentin (875 mg) and at the appt they did a urine test and checked my vitals and tapped my back to see if i felt pain which i didn't but i'm panicking because they told me my urine has a lot of blood when they tested it but there's no bacteria or white blood cells. It was suggested its kidney stones but my back pain is a discomfort and not always present or even that strong. I also read that uti test strips aren't always accurate and bacteria wont always end up on the test sample. i've had blood (not visibile because my blood has been clear despite sometimes not drinking a lot of water) in my urine since my 2nd day of taking antibiotics apparently if I go off the current urinalysis. but that also means ive been walking around with a possible kidney infection and im freaking out. there's also been people who had kidney infections with no fever/vomiting or just their back pain being in the flank area.

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    Re: freaking out

    Try not to worry too much! I always have slight blood in my urine sample, it's very common.

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    Re: freaking out

    i wouldnt be worried as much if it was slight but the doctor said it was a lot of blood :c my last two urine tests were negative of blood or just slight trace and now theres a lot?

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