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Thread: twisted my ankle and now my anxiety is out of control

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    twisted my ankle and now my anxiety is out of control

    i went on a walk yesterday and twisted my ankle and why i scared myself with that i had no pain or problems walking so i didn't think about it
    went to sleep that day, woke up, started to walk and noticed that my foot hurted whenever i took a step
    i can move my foot normally, i can feel everything but it just hurts when i try to walk normally
    now i'm so scared that it's something serious and i think my anxiety is making thinks worse (as it always does) because it didn't hurt that much
    is there something i can do to calm down? i never twisted my ankle so i'm lost

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    Re: twisted my ankle and now my anxiety is out of control

    Why would you even begin to think that twisting your ankle is something serious?

    It could be very painful for a few days, so try and let it heal. It's normal.

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    Re: twisted my ankle and now my anxiety is out of control

    As Joe said above, and - you did something that most people do multiple times in their lives, and by the sound of it, not even that badly ! Rest it, let the ligaments and muscles heal and repair, (which can take some time in the ankle area, I did it once badly where I was strapped for a month and hobbling) and don't think about it. Its parts of living, its part of being an ambulant human being, it happens - as for something serious - like what ? What could be serious that didn't even hurt that much when you first did it ?

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    Re: twisted my ankle and now my anxiety is out of control

    Thank your for this!
    i have a friend who plays football so he knows quite a bit about different things that can happen from sprained ligaments to a ligament rupture and so on and that got me to google and that always gets out of hand i‘m pretty sure that i twisted my ankle before but it never hurted multiple days like it does now so that‘s what also got me worried. But i‘m feeling a bit more relaxed now and will continue to rest and hope that it‘ll feel better next week

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