As an avid gamer and love promoting its potential mental health benefits... just curious as to what video games other people like and some thoughts, so here are a few of mine.

- Dark Souls I, II & III - a game with some absolutely fantastic lore's, scenery and music. But don't let it fool you, it can be really punishing for new players with its in-depth mechanics and gameplay.
- Phasmophobia - since it's currently Spooktober and someone who wanted to be a parapsychologist when I was little, this indie game really sends shivers down your spine as you are trying to figure out what is haunting a building.
- Ghost of Tsushima - although it's not totally historically accurate, it is really immersive and makes you feel like you are back in 13th century Japan fighting off the Mongol Empire.
- Crusader Kings II & III - ever wanted to rule over land as a Baron/Earl etc. and work your way up the ladder of prestige. This game let's you change the very fabric of history and even has some of the best mods (Game of Thrones etc.)
- Hearts of Iron IV - from the same developers as Crusader Kings, let's you govern a country during World War II and see how you could have made a difference.
- Sylvio I & II - an underrated game that is similar to Phasmophobia, but is more story driven and relies less of jump-scares.
- Kingdom Come: Deliverance - ever wanted to experience life as a simple workman in 15th century Europe (Bohemia) where you can interact with nearly everyone and have an interesting storyline, then this game has it all.